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Meet the New Owners of MoMo’s Italian Kitchen

Recently I wrote a happy little story about the soon-to-open Botolino Gelato Artigianale on Greenville Avenue. It pleased me to see a long-time restaurateur, in this case Carlo Gattini of MoMo’s Italian Kitchen, sell his family business to follow his dream of becoming a gelatician. Good for him. That takes a lot of courage.

After I wrote the post, I had a horrifying thought. MoMo’s has been one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas for a long time. The food is damn good and you can’t beat the wine list, it’s BYOB. Even though I’d asked Gattini if the restaurant was going to change and he said, “probably not,” I had to find out.

I called the new owners, Wende Stevenson and Aaron Gross. They are first-time restaurant owners, but no strangers to the restaurant business, or MoMo’s. “Our connection with MoMo’s started over 30 years ago,” Gross says. “Wende worked at the original one in 1988. It’s been one of favorites for decades and we are honored they sold it to us.”

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